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50 Annoying Phrases We Have All Heard At Work

Posted: 22-Mar-2016 12:23:28
Author: Emily Forrest
"It's on my radar"
"Lets touch base"
"Reach out"

We are all guilty of using phrases like this - especially at work. They are useful, particularly when you want to convey a message quickly or add context to a situation without going into masses of detail.
However, they have become so entrenched in the way that we communicate that half of the time you might not even know you are using them. Unfortunately, this means that some phrases are so overused day-to-day that they have become just downright annoying. 
Off the back of this, the guys at Citrix have put together a fun infographic featuring the 50 most annoying phrases. See how many you are guilty of using.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us in the comments below if you can think of anymore annoying phrases you are used to hearing in the office. 

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