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Source Code Copying

Posted: 15-Jun-2015 16:46:00

IT disputes pose a number of issues in law largely because it is ever-changing and fluid, whereas laws are old and rigid. An issue that crops up fairly often is copyright infringement relating to source code.

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Can Virtual Items Be Stolen?

Posted: 10-Jun-2015 14:00:00

Virtual goods are intangible objects in online games. Players can amass a collection of items over time, either by earning them through game play or purchasing them online with real money.

Despite the trade in virtual goods equating to billions of pounds every year, the legal status of these items is still uncertain and the question remains whether stealing them equates to theft.

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Case Study: AFD Software v DCML Ltd

Posted: 10-Jun-2015 13:41:00

In the High Court case AFD Software v DCML Ltd [2015] EWHC 453 (Ch) (reported here by Richard Osbourne of 4 Pump Court), IT Group UK were instructed by Christopher Neilson of London Law Firm RPC (for DCML), to investigate a suite of software that enabled postcode lookup access to the Royal Mail’s database of addresses.

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The Role of Expert Testimony in Court

Posted: 04-Jun-2015 16:58:00

The work of the expert witness is pretty well entrenched within the legal industry, so there is an extensive degree of overlap between the two fields.

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