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Proportionality: Getting to the bottom of high technology expert evidence

Posted: 26-Nov-2015 13:28:46

Increasingly, getting sufficient information to enable a judge or jury to decide a case where high technology is concerned brings into question proportionality. The majority of serious crime cases require mobile phone evidence and computer evidence to be analysed.  

In Civil cases involving the sale of high technology goods or services, it is often necessary to get right into the depths of the electronics or the software to establish what actually went wrong and to what extent that led to loss. This short article examines the issues and presents the difficulties faced by judges when admitting expert evidence in relatively small claims.

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Google Timeline: Security, Convenience and Privacy

Posted: 25-Nov-2015 13:00:00

Most of us are aware that Google is able to track certain user data such as search history and browsing habits, but how many are aware that Google also tracks the user's geographical location.

For many this will be a matter of convenience which allows Google to provide us with updates about things like traffic and weather, and Google’s ‘Your Timeline’ is the latest application of such functionality.

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Q&A: e-Disclosure issues in trade secret identification

Posted: 20-Nov-2015 13:00:00

IT Group partner Jason Coyne was part of a Q&A article entitled “Q&A e-Disclosure issues in trade secret identification” for Corporate Disputes Magazine.

The questions focused on the current trends in trade secret disputes and the advantages of e-Disclosure in the identification and protection of sensitive information.

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Investigating Employee Theft: Curiosity Kills the Evidence

Posted: 18-Nov-2015 03:00:00

When a company director, manager or owner is informed that one of their staff may have stolen valuable company data, the first thing that often happens is that he or she bursts into IT and demands that laptops, email accounts, social media etc. are scoured to see what that employee has been up to.

If the correct steps are not observed then the process of securing company data, identifying the security breach and bringing the perpetrator to justice, could be the worst possible start!

Forward thinking organisations should already have evidence preserved in advance of a staff member leaving but whether or not this is the case, the fundamental rule to be applied in these cases is no different from any other crime scene - KEEP OUT!  

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Exit Management Planning for outsourcing agreements

Posted: 17-Nov-2015 00:00:00

An Exit Management Plan (EMP) is essential to any outsourcing agreement, but it is often overlooked at the time when it should be given the most attention – during the formation of the contract.

Consideration of an EMP at the start of a contract is sometimes likened to consideration of divorce when planning for a wedding. 

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Q&A: Discovery in Disputes

Posted: 12-Nov-2015 12:29:45

IT Group partner Jason Coyne was part of a Q&A article entitled “Q&A: Discovery in Disputes” for Financier Worldwide Magazine.

The article highlights the importance of the discovery phase when building a case to resolve a dispute. 

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Getting control in an e-Disclosure case

Posted: 10-Nov-2015 11:32:24

IT Group was instructed in a litigation matter that became a David and Goliath style case. 

A niche engineering business from Northern England, found themselves up against it when a relatively minor dispute escalated.

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Cyber Security: Mitigating the risks

Posted: 04-Nov-2015 10:45:00

Cyber crime is heralded as the biggest threat facing modern businesses today. You only have to look at the news in recent years to see that data breaches and cyber crimes rarely stray from the headlines. 

The publication of these incidents has served to improve awareness and it is no surprise that members of the public are growing wise to the risks of cyber attacks, whether they be at work or in their personal lives.

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Real-life Bank Account Fraud - A Forensic Expert's Perspective

Posted: 02-Nov-2015 13:00:00

We were woken early one morning a couple of years ago by a Partner in a London Law firm asking us how quickly we could image a company’s server and about two dozen laptops.

Later that morning, forensic images were in progress. The company’s automatic Purchase Ledger payments had all been diverted to one bank account, in Africa.

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