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Pitfalls in the use of standard Document Management Systems and Search tools to find evidence

Posted: 16-Dec-2015 13:00:00

Clients sometime baulk at the cost of running an e-Disclosure process to search for and within documents, especially when they have a Document Management System (DMS) within their organisation and their IT team may even be familiar with downloadable search tools.

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Expert Reports: Insurance Disputes and Subrogation

Posted: 14-Dec-2015 10:56:13

Tony Sykes of IT Group looks at some recent insurance disputes and suspected fraudulent claims and discusses a number of areas where hi-tech expertise can be of assistance.

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Investigating Employee Theft: Uncovering the Tracks

Posted: 10-Dec-2015 16:02:25

In the second of our 'Employee Theft' series, IT Group collaborated with Andrew Lee of Brandsmiths and Daniel Burgess of Blackstone Chambers to talk through the steps that a legal team would take to protect an organisation in the event of employee theft. 

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e-Disclosure – Thinking Big To Work Small

Posted: 08-Dec-2015 14:19:17

IT Group has developed a range of e-Disclosure services for litigators which includes forensic data collection and a fully web based e-Disclosure service to assess, search, review and disclose documents. The service is based around the powerful Intella platform, but is aimed at cases with ‘normal’ document volumes.

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Shop Safely Online This Christmas [Infographic]

Posted: 04-Dec-2015 12:04:33

Christmas is almost here and more of us than ever will be buying presents for family and friends on the internet. Online shopping during the holiday season is at an all time high - especially due to the rise in pre-christmas sales that see online retailers drop prices in the month leading up to the big day. Last year, UK retailers had 181 million online visitors on Black Friday, and 161 million on Cyber Monday. 

The sad reality is that fraudsters and cyber criminals take advantage of the millions of people doing their shopping online and cyber crime peaks during the Christmas period. 

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Beware! Latest Phishing Email Scam

Posted: 02-Dec-2015 16:01:41

I received an email to my personal outlook account today that appeared to be from PayPal alerting me to suspicious transactions on my account.

At first glance the email seemed genuine. The sender address did not look suspicious and the email was formatted as you would expect from a service provider. Aside from a few giveaways that an unsuspecting individual might overlook the email looked genuine.

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Case Study: IT Group instructed to conduct cell site analysis of a Blackberry device

Posted: 01-Dec-2015 12:13:34

IT Group received instructions to conduct cell site analysis of a mobile device. The suspect had been identified by a police office as leaving the crime scene.

IT Group was asked to provide evidence that the defendant was not in the area at the time of the offence, and therefore could not have been involved in the assault.  

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