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Cell Site Analysis - The Myths, Lies & Truth

Posted: 26-Jan-2016 14:45:27

Their modus operandi is invariably the same: pay-as-you-go mobile, un-registered and usually destroyed within a week of purchase or immediately after the crime.

Despite all these apparent benefits however, the modern day criminal is still faced with a number of problems; they either telephone friends and family, associates and fellow criminals to tell them the mobile phone number for this week or the near future or they get around this by carrying a ‘clean’ mobile phone that is solely used for friends and family, keeping criminal activity to the disposable ‘dirty’ mobile phone.

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Year in Review: 2015 Highlights and Trends

Posted: 18-Jan-2016 11:00:00

2015 has been another successful year for IT Group. Not only did we grow our team, we also launched our brand new website and attended our very first award ceremony.

Looking back over the successes of the last year, we felt like reminiscing. In this blog, we reflect on some of the highlights from the last 12 months and some of the trends that we have encountered.

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Q&A Roundtable: Cyber Security and Employee Risks

Posted: 13-Jan-2016 13:20:00

In the third and final segment of our 'Employee Theft' series, IT Group experts, Jason Coyne and Tony Sykes, took part in a roundtable feature for Corporate Disputes magazine entitled 'Cyber Security and Employee Risks'.

In recent months, IT Group has seen a rise in 'Employee Theft' cases and as a result our experts have been involved in a number of search and seizure orders on ex-employee's homes and business premises. 
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Ukraine Power Outage the Result of Malicious Malware

Posted: 08-Jan-2016 11:01:00

The recent power outage in the Ukraine, which left thousands without electricity, is reported to be the result of a malicious cyber attack.

Researchers claim that highly destructive malware infected 3 regional power centres leading to a number of electrical substations being disconnected. On Monday security researchers iSIGHT Partners told Ars Technica that it had obtained samples of the malicious code which caused the Ukraine power outage.

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