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Windows XP Refuses to be Dropped

Posted: 23-May-2016 08:00:00

Data from show Microsoft’s Windows XP is still the 3rd most popular operating system 2 years after support ended. What does that mean? and why should I care?

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Project Failure: Think Negative

Posted: 20-May-2016 10:28:43

Whilst it’s not the best mindset to have going into a project agreement, the initial “yes we can implement that change now and document it later” will inevitably cast doubt on your performance and competence should a dispute arise.  

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How Your Mobile Phone Knows Where You've Been

Posted: 13-May-2016 15:31:00

IT Group expert Jason Coyne was recently interviewed by The Naked Scientists as part of a series looking at the role of technology in the courtroom.

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Cyber Security through the Litigation Process

Posted: 09-May-2016 14:07:26

Cyber Security is a topic that has been at the top of everyone’s agenda at some point in the past few years. Details of a successful hack, attempted cyber-fraud or effective cyber-activism appear in the news on a weekly basis.

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IT Group Expert Interviewed by The Naked Scientists for the BBC

Posted: 06-May-2016 13:31:38

IT Group expert, Jason Coyne, was interviewed by The Naked Scientists last week as part of a series looking at the role of technology in the courtroom.

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