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Digital Forensics In Cases of Suspected Insurance Fraud: How Could They Be Used In Investigations?

Posted: 30-Sep-2016 15:53:55

IT Group has been commissioned on many occasions by insurance companies relating to suspected fraudulent claims, ranging from  investigations into arson through to the analysis of images that may have been taken after the alleged burglary occurred.

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IT Group Instructed In Insurance Investigation After Break-in at a National Newspaper

Posted: 19-Sep-2016 11:05:00

Following a break-in at a National Newspaper, it was discovered that several of the main computer systems had been attacked and parts stolen. The remaining computer equipment was in an uncertain and inconsistent technical status.

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e-Disclosure: The Partial Deduplication Dilemma

Posted: 15-Sep-2016 11:17:17

In the industry that we work in, walking the line between what the often non-technical solicitors say they want and what activities are actually possible is a daily activity. There are times however, when we find a member of a law firm who asks for something that nobody seems able to do, yet we are left scratching our heads as to why no one did offer such a service. When this happens, we like to turn away from pre-made tools and see if we can develop a program or script that, in house, conducts exactly what we need.

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IT Group Instructed to Examine System & Telecommunication Equipment In Large Insurance Claim

Posted: 12-Sep-2016 13:47:28

A multi-million pound systems installation project was in the final stages of implementation and commissioning. Over a weekend, the air conditioning failed and a series of events resulted in the automatic alerting systems failing to operate.

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Cyber Crime in Computer Gaming Environments

Posted: 06-Sep-2016 16:04:09

Forensic computer investigation techniques have been developed for almost as long as computers have been personal. However, just as the forensic technology stabilises, criminals are moving onto smarter and darker alternatives – video games.

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How Digital Forensics Can Be Used In Family Law Cases

Posted: 01-Sep-2016 10:30:00

Digital Forensics and e-Disclosure can play a pivotal part in family law and divorce proceedings, combining both the usual analyse-and-display techniques with other findings that many people do not initially realise are possible.  

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