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Does Alexa Hold the Key to Solving Murder Case?

Posted: 26-Jan-2017 12:44:14

Late in 2015, an Arkansas police officer was found dead after allegedly drowning in a colleague’s hot tub. Clues as to the true events behind the death began to unfold with the subsequent investigation: red-tinted water, swollen lips, and a bill for 140 gallons of water between 1:00am and 3:00am on the night of the incident. There’d been a murder.

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Early Stage Mediation In Information Technology Disputes

Posted: 11-Jan-2017 14:06:40

Failing IT projects are the norm. Time and again we hear of delay and overspend for new IT systems, whether they are for the private sector or a part of a larger government mandate. Failing projects inevitably end in disputes, usually in the courts or in binding arbitration, where the customer or vendor is forced to write off some, or all, of the wasted costs. Shareholders and the taxpayer deserve to know that there are better ways of handling these disputes.

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