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Aaron Pickett

Aaron Pickett is a Digital Forensic Examiner at IT Group specialising in Information Security and Computer Forensics following his graduation from a Forensic Computing Degree at the University of Central Lancashire. Aaron holds accreditation from Bond Solon Expert Witness Training, as well as UFED Cellbrite Mobile Phone Forensics, using both of these to assist IT Group to stay at the vanguard of the Legal and Forensic Computing sectors.
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IT Group Instructed to Forensically Examine Managing Director’s Laptop

Posted: 14-Mar-2017 16:29:05

IT Group was instructed to forensically examine a laptop belonging to the Managing Director of a company after suspicions about his conduct with a supplier were raised following a noncompliance situation.

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How The New Apple File System Will Impact Forensic Investigations

Posted: 17-Feb-2017 14:30:00

After years of speculation Apple finally announced that they were developing a new file system at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last year. Aptly named the Apple File System (APFS), the latest development from Apple is continuing to raise heads and is being watched with interest by technology lovers, everyday iPhone users and forensic professionals alike.

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Does Alexa Hold the Key to Solving Murder Case?

Posted: 26-Jan-2017 12:44:14

Late in 2015, an Arkansas police officer was found dead after allegedly drowning in a colleague’s hot tub. Clues as to the true events behind the death began to unfold with the subsequent investigation: red-tinted water, swollen lips, and a bill for 140 gallons of water between 1:00am and 3:00am on the night of the incident. There’d been a murder.

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Case Study: IT Group Complete Penetration Test and Find a School's Network and Systems to be Completely Insecure

Posted: 25-Nov-2016 10:33:14

IT Group was approached by a School who had found their IT systems to be infected with ransomware. This malware attack had, thankfully, not affected any student data, but had succeeded in encrypting all of the accounting files used to balance the school’s books and pay staff. The damage, while not business-crippling, had the potential to cause many issues that would cost both money and time to solve; luxuries that the education sector cannot afford.

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