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Emily Forrest

A commercially aware, self-motivated and enthusiastic Marketing Management Graduate, specialising in the technology sector. I am responsible for managing IT Group's Marketing functions, working closely with the directors and technical staff to ensure IT Group's brand is at the forefront of the legal and insurance sectors.
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IT Group Partner, Tony Sykes, all set to run London Marathon next month

Posted: 21-Mar-2017 13:52:05

On Sunday 23rd April 2017 IT Group Partner and Tetbury Lions member, Tony Sykes, will be running the Virgin London Marathon. He is one of just 10 Lions Club members in the United Kingdom to secure a Gold Bond place to run on behalf of Lions International Centenary.  

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The Role of Digital Forensics in Tackling 'Crash for Cash' Insurance Fraud

Posted: 09-Mar-2017 10:58:30

As a result of our continued work with clients in the Insurance sector,  IT Group is aware of a growth in fraudulent ‘Crash for Cash’ insurance claims as a result of injuries sustained in car crashes orchestrated purely for financial gain.

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Early Stage Mediation In Information Technology Disputes

Posted: 11-Jan-2017 14:06:40

Failing IT projects are the norm. Time and again we hear of delay and overspend for new IT systems, whether they are for the private sector or a part of a larger government mandate. Failing projects inevitably end in disputes, usually in the courts or in binding arbitration, where the customer or vendor is forced to write off some, or all, of the wasted costs. Shareholders and the taxpayer deserve to know that there are better ways of handling these disputes.

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How Google Ruined Christmas

Posted: 09-Dec-2016 16:09:08

As someone who works in Marketing, I have become accustomed to the way in which Google markets to me online.

I’ll browse a website or a product on my laptop, either walk away from it or put it in my basket to return to later. Then, within a matter of hours, Google repeatedly hounds me with adverts for this or similar products across a number of unaffiliated websites on other devices connected to my internet at home.

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