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Case Study: Forensic Examination of Corporate File Server

Posted: 29-Mar-2016 16:00:00
Author: Emily Forrest


The case involved the forensic examination of a number of documents which had been located on a corporate file server.

The client was in the midst of a dispute arising out of the construction of two properties. Various documents had been disclosed and the client had cause to challenge the authenticity of certain documents that had been put forward as evidence by the counterparty.

The client suspected that the documents were actually drafted later than the date shown on the face of the letter.

IT Group forensically imaged the file server remotely (without the need for a site visit) and examined the documents metadata. This provided a precise chronology of the documents creation, in addition to by whom they were later modified.

It transpired that the documents were in-fact initially created prior to the agreement but had not been transmitted. Faced, it would seem, with the threat of litigation the counterparty took steps to modify the agreement in their favour.

The case settled before trial. It was reported to us that our client was pleased with the outcome.

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Picture Source (Pixabay)

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