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How Google Ruined Christmas

Posted: 09-Dec-2016 16:09:08
Author: Emily Forrest


As someone who works in Marketing, I have become accustomed to the way in which Google markets to me online.

I’ll browse a website or a product on my laptop, either walk away from it or put it in my basket to return to later. Then, within a matter of hours, Google repeatedly hounds me with adverts for this or similar products across a number of unaffiliated websites on other devices connected to my internet at home.This is all well and good when the purchase you have in mind is for you, (despite the nagging temptation that lingers).  But, as Christmas approaches, this spells disaster for anyone buying gifts for loved ones who live in the same household and share the same internet connection.

Ad Remarketing – Every parent’s nightmare before Christmas

Advertisers that utilise Google's remarketing are potentially making it more difficult for parents to keep gifts and presents a surprise.

As the big day approaches, more and more parents will be scouring the internet searching for their children’s favourite toys and products online.

One of my colleagues fell victim to Google’s remarketing earlier this week. After looking at a toy online that she had in mind for her son, Google spammed every device in the house with ads – including her son’s laptop. Fortunately, her son was totally oblivious to the mechanics of why this advert was showing on his Facebook page!

She had already bought the toy for him but I can’t help but think that a little bit of the magic; the surprise under the Christmas tree, is somewhat jaded by this interaction.

Can you stop ads from showing on your browser?

Google ads are an essential source of funding for many websites so you can’t stop them altogether. Thankfully you can opt out of seeing personalised ads so any you do see won’t be based on topics you like or your activity on an advertiser’s websites.

Instead, ads would be based on other factors such as the content of the page or your general location.

Click here for more information and step-by-step instructions on how to do this in Google Ads Settings.

Happy Shopping!

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