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IT Group Expert Interviewed by The Naked Scientists for the BBC

Posted: 06-May-2016 13:31:38
Author: Emily Forrest


IT Group expert, Jason Coyne, was interviewed by The Naked Scientists last week as part of a series looking at the role of technology in the courtroom.

Georgia Mills, a radio producer for the BBC, wanted to better understand how digital forensic evidence, particularly mobile phone data, is used to secure a conviction in the courtroom as opposed to the more traditional areas of forensic science.

The emphasis was on cell site analysis and how positional information can be extracted by looking at cell site data obtained from phone companies. This information provides a wealth of evidence; not only to prove what the user of the phone did or where he/she was, but importantly in a defence situation, where that person could not have been. 

The full interview is available now as a podcast, and was also aired on BBC Radio 5 Live on Saturday, BBC Radio Cambs on Sunday and will be repeated on ABC Australia today. 

Listen Now >

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