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Shop Safely Online This Christmas [Infographic]

Posted: 04-Dec-2015 12:04:33
Author: Emily Forrest


Christmas is almost here and more of us than ever will be buying presents for family and friends on the internet. Online shopping during the holiday season is at an all time high - especially due to the rise in pre-christmas sales that see online retailers drop prices in the month leading up to the big day. Last year, UK retailers had 181 million online visitors on Black Friday, and 161 million on Cyber Monday. 

The sad reality is that fraudsters and cyber criminals take advantage of the millions of people doing their shopping online and cyber crime peaks during the Christmas period. 

The subject is too big to present an overall opinion on how this is tackled and this infographic simply presents some common-sense measures that can be applied to keep ahead of the hackers and to stay safe online this Christmas. 

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Source: Help your customers stay safe online this Christmas -

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