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IT Group Instructed In Insurance Investigation After Break-in at a National Newspaper

Posted: 19-Sep-2016 11:05:00

Following a break-in at a National Newspaper, it was discovered that several of the main computer systems had been attacked and parts stolen. The remaining computer equipment was in an uncertain and inconsistent technical status.

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IT Group Instructed to Examine System & Telecommunication Equipment In Large Insurance Claim

Posted: 12-Sep-2016 13:47:28

A multi-million pound systems installation project was in the final stages of implementation and commissioning. Over a weekend, the air conditioning failed and a series of events resulted in the automatic alerting systems failing to operate.

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Software Licensing Dispute? A Properly Conducted Quantum Analysis by Experts Saves 10's of Millions

Posted: 07-Jun-2016 08:00:00

A properly conducted quantum analysis by experts saves 10’s of Millions in software licensing dispute.

IT Group Software Licensing experts have just completed a case where our involvement contributed to over USD $20 Million saving on the claim by the vendors Licensing Management team following a routine audit.

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Case Study: Mobile phone analysis proves person was wrongly charged in London assault

Posted: 20-Apr-2016 14:56:07

IT Group mobile phone analysis demonstrates that the wrong person was charged in London assault leading to CPS dropping charges.

IT Group was instructed to forensically examine the mobile phone of a defendant accused of a serious criminal offence.

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