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Wire Fraud: The Front Line

Posted: 11-Aug-2016 11:45:00

Wire fraud, by definition, is the name given to any type of financial fraud involving telecommunications or information technology. It is being increasingly used by cyber criminals to deprive individuals and organisations of funds via mail or wire communication.

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Expert Q&A: How to Investigate and Manage a Hack

Posted: 26-Jul-2016 09:32:25

IT Group recently took part in a Q&A roundtable for Corporate Disputes magazine entitled 'Investigating and Managing a Hack'. IT Group's Aaron Pickett, alongside Mark Pegram of Sanitas Data Security and Alex Cravero of Kemp Littlediscuss the process of investigating and managing a hack; highlighting some of the key legal and regulatory issues that need to be considered. 

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Hacker Group ‘PoodleCorp’ Claim DDoS Attack Took Pokémon Go Servers Offline

Posted: 22-Jul-2016 15:14:28

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or far out at sea, it must be impossible for you to have failed to notice the amazing rise to success of Pokémon Go. Within days Nintendo’s share prices rocketed, and the craze has turned out children and adults alike, walking the streets like mobile-holding zombies. Of course, it was not long until someone wanted to spoil the fun – casting millions back into their homes to hide away from the mid-summer heat.

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Law Firms Targeted in Recent Wave of Cyber Attacks

Posted: 12-Jul-2016 15:42:56

Information security, popularly now known as cyber security, is a topical area with repercussions that could potentially affect every business and individual connected to any form of computing system. 

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