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e-Disclosure – Thinking Big To Work Small

Posted: 08-Dec-2015 14:19:17

IT Group has developed a range of e-Disclosure services for litigators which includes forensic data collection and a fully web based e-Disclosure service to assess, search, review and disclose documents. The service is based around the powerful Intella platform, but is aimed at cases with ‘normal’ document volumes.

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Q&A: e-Disclosure issues in trade secret identification

Posted: 20-Nov-2015 13:00:00

IT Group partner Jason Coyne was part of a Q&A article entitled “Q&A e-Disclosure issues in trade secret identification” for Corporate Disputes Magazine.

The questions focused on the current trends in trade secret disputes and the advantages of e-Disclosure in the identification and protection of sensitive information.

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Q&A: Discovery in Disputes

Posted: 12-Nov-2015 12:29:45

IT Group partner Jason Coyne was part of a Q&A article entitled “Q&A: Discovery in Disputes” for Financier Worldwide Magazine.

The article highlights the importance of the discovery phase when building a case to resolve a dispute. 

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Getting control in an e-Disclosure case

Posted: 10-Nov-2015 11:32:24

IT Group was instructed in a litigation matter that became a David and Goliath style case. 

A niche engineering business from Northern England, found themselves up against it when a relatively minor dispute escalated.

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