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Software IP and File Hashing for Obscurity

Posted: 26-Oct-2016 11:27:20

IT Group is regularly instructed in intellectual property (IP) disputes where files of varying types (source code, business blueprints, financial records etc) are at the centre of the dispute.

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Are Databases Intellectual Property? A Common Misconception

Posted: 12-Aug-2016 10:11:26

IT Group are instructed in several cases per year where the basis of a dispute revolves around data ‘theft’ from databases.

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Intellectual Property and the Lazy Developer

Posted: 10-Aug-2016 13:00:00

A common issue we see in software examinations is the apparent laziness of developers. It is often clear that they choose to spend time locating old code which performs a similar task to what they require rather than developing it themselves.

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Rise In Search and Seizure Orders on Ex-Employees Homes

Posted: 01-Jun-2016 12:00:00
IT Group has seen a significant rise in 'Employee Theft' cases and as a result our experts have been involved in a number of search and seizure orders on ex-employee's homes and business premises. 
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