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Q&A Roundtable: Cyber Security and Employee Risks

Posted: 13-Jan-2016 13:20:00

In the third and final segment of our 'Employee Theft' series, IT Group experts, Jason Coyne and Tony Sykes, took part in a roundtable feature for Corporate Disputes magazine entitled 'Cyber Security and Employee Risks'.

In recent months, IT Group has seen a rise in 'Employee Theft' cases and as a result our experts have been involved in a number of search and seizure orders on ex-employee's homes and business premises. 
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Investigating Employee Theft: Uncovering the Tracks

Posted: 10-Dec-2015 16:02:25

In the second of our 'Employee Theft' series, IT Group collaborated with Andrew Lee of Brandsmiths and Daniel Burgess of Blackstone Chambers to talk through the steps that a legal team would take to protect an organisation in the event of employee theft. 

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Cyber Security: Mitigating the risks

Posted: 04-Nov-2015 10:45:00

Cyber crime is heralded as the biggest threat facing modern businesses today. You only have to look at the news in recent years to see that data breaches and cyber crimes rarely stray from the headlines. 

The publication of these incidents has served to improve awareness and it is no surprise that members of the public are growing wise to the risks of cyber attacks, whether they be at work or in their personal lives.

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Intellectual Property Theft : Uncovering the Tracks

Posted: 27-Oct-2015 12:30:00

Over the last 5 years IT Group has seen a significant increase in the number of instructions relating to intellectual property theft. 

Increasingly we are deploying techniques over and above the basic test of whether or not in our opinion two pieces of code are substantially the same, whether one derived from the other or whether they contain shareware available in the public domain.

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