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Year in Review: 2015 Highlights and Trends

Posted: 18-Jan-2016 11:00:00
Author: Emily Forrest


2015 has been another successful year for IT Group. Not only did we grow our team, we also launched our brand new website and attended our very first award ceremony.

Looking back over the successes of the last year, we felt like reminiscing. In this blog, we reflect on some of the highlights from the last 12 months and some of the trends that we have encountered.


During 2015, we hosted 100’s of case reviews for our lawyer and corporate clients. We also increasingly used our e-Disclosure review platform to assist us internally in the search for and presentation of our results in forensic investigations. This is providing us with a competitive edge as all of our staff are experts, not only in supporting our lawyer clients, but also in the reviewing and finding of key evidence in large document sets.

Project Failure

Our project failure analyses this year have all had one significant factor in common - delay. The causes were subtly different but broadly the delays stemmed from factors with regard to agreeing the scope of the deliverables for the project. Thus follows the age old problem of ‘starting late’ and then attempting to compromise critical aspects of the delivery around testing etc

Employee Theft

We have seen a significant upsurge in ‘employee theft’ cases in 2015 without the use of USB sticks. Cloud storage systems like Dropbox and Google Drive are proving to be the platforms of choice for rogue employees. Some employees still consider that instant messenger services such as Skype, WhatsApp and text messaging are ‘secret’ when communicating with their co-conspirators. Luckily our forensic tools are fantastic at recovering the evidence timeline of all the above activities.

Man in the Middle Attacks

We encountered a flurry of ‘man in the middle’ attacks during the last quarter of 2015 (with three in one day) all resulting from email accounts being compromised and fraudsters conducting reconnaissance on the parties’ communications before suggesting that a different bank account (one which the fraudster controls) be used to pay the victim's money into.

Software Copyright and Source Code Analysis

C# to java, Pascal to C - taxing the IT Group brains in 2015. It often does not really matter which language was used because the evidence of the copying or adaptation is in the structure, whitespace and remarks within the source code.

Photography Forensics

Exif data within photographs taken on mobile phones and information from Google location services have been helping us to understand where any Google connected device (mobile phone, laptop) was at any specific time. It still doesn’t cease to amaze us how many people, when asked by insurers for photographs of the stolen items, will take new photographs of the items (which were not really stolen).

Facebook Forensics, Digital Forensics and Cell Site Analysis in Criminal Cases

Cases of alleged rape, murder and drug importation have all required attention by our digital forensics team. Mobile phone recoveries from iPhones are now providing significantly better results than before, but the android operating system still seems to deliver the most from an evidential value perspective. Facebook is now almost certainly interrogated for additional context and to answer the ‘who said what to whom’ questions.

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